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Sleep is a very important factor in maintaining good health and in good physical appearance.The bad sleep adversely affects memory, concentration, skin (wrinkles start to appear) and eyes (dark circles and bags). To maintain a good health is therefore recommended to always satisfy the hours of sleep daily, depending on age and physical activities performed throughout the day. If you suffer from insomnia , try one of the following remedies.

Natural remedies for insomnia

Warm milk and honey

Drink a cup of warm milk for a soothing effect. Add a spoonful of honey makes the most effective remedy.

A special pillow to get rid of insomnia

25 grams of orange blossom, chamomile 150 grams, 200 grams of eucalyptus, 150 grams of cotton. Fill the a pillow with cotton and add the herbs. Chamomile help to relax, eucalyptus give a pleasant smell and the blossom will wipe out the anxiety that many times is primarily responsible to ensure that the person is unable to sleep.

Tea valerian or passionflower

Both herbs, being natural sedatives, help to regain the lost sleep.

Massage with blossom

A teaspoon of olive oil, 4 drops of essence of orange blossom. Mix the two ingredients and get a massage at the temples. E ‘can also apply his feet, more precisely in the part where you turn the big toe.

Tips for insomnia

Avoid coffee, liquor or smoking for at least four hours before bedtime. All of these “vices” contain stimulants to the nervous system that will prevent the reconciliation of sleep. Physical activity during the day can help ensure that your body is tired enough and therefore needs a well-deserved rest: therefore avoid a mostly sedentary life, especially if you have a job “Desktop”.

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