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Alcohol Addiction – Do You Know The Risks?

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Alcohol Addiction Knowing the risks.

What happens when an occasional drink becomes a frequent one? Alcoholism is still to be subject, and many people with an addiction to alcohol refuse to admit that they have a problem. Often by the time someone realises that they have a problem with alcohol they are already addicted. Men, in particular, are often less likely to reach out for help as they fear the stigma attached to this age-old disease. They may fear that asking for help is showing weakness.

Drinking alcohol may provide a temporary confidence boost and may even make a man feel around just or “in the mood.” It may even give the Bible “beer goggles,” a side-effect of drinking where perception can change of other people’s attractiveness.  But drinking, however, will do nothing to enhance a man’s sexual performance. Alcohol is a depressant which makes all systems of the body slowdown. An erection can be difficult to achieve under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and may make someone behave completely out of character. Someone who has been drinking often takes risks with their personal safety. Sleeping with strangers on a regular basis may be symptomatic of other problems such as low self-esteem and even sex addiction. And of course there is the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and getting someone pregnant. Unprotected sex is far more common amongst people who have been drinking. Giving little thought to anything but the author and parent drunken close parent moment, when drunk someone is far less likely to think clearly and consider the consequences of not using effective protection. A man should consider the impact alcohol can have long-term, too. As far as the trouser department is concerned, drinking heavily can affect testosterone levels.

So, apart from downstairs there are also all the other health risks to think about. Drinking heavily can cause of variety of damaging conditions, some of which can be fatal. From heart disease to respiratory problems alopecia to various cancers, too much alcohol can affect every system in the body. It also has a big impact on mental health too. Alcohol is a depressant and can exacerbate feelings of depression or other mental health issues.  A man may have a temporary lift of mood by drinking, but long term alcohol slows the system down and has many negative effects on personal well-being. Drinking can become a vicious cycle. Turning to alcohol for relief the problem drinker may feel guilt and shame and feel bad about their drinking which may in turn cause them to reach for the bottle again to escape from the pressures of everyday life.

If your partner, husband or someone close to you has a drinking problem then you should try and seek help straight away. The sooner alcoholism is addressed, the sooner it can be treated. They may seem to be coping okay and still functioning in everyday life but when someone drinks heavily it is like sitting on a time bomb that can place work, relationships and health in peril.

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