Natural Remedies for Alcoholism

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Symptoms of alcoholism

alcoholism is a pathological syndrome in which a person can not stop consuming alcohol frequently.
Alcoholics usually have a swollen face, red eyes and suffer from tachycardia. Are irritable and very sensitive.
Vomiting, delirium and sleep disturbances are the most common symptoms among those suffering from alcoholism. The abuse with alcohol causes damage to the liver and causes cirrhosis. It can also cause upset stomach and intestine, the cells of the brain and heart.

Natural Remedies for Alcoholism

Treating alcoholism with grapes

One of the remedies against alcoholism is conducting an exclusive diet for a month or more, made from grapes. Considering that this fruit contains alcohol in its purest form, is a great healthy substitute to alcohol. Meals made from fresh grapes to three times a day, at intervals of about five hours. The outcome of this care also depends greatly on the goodwill of the alcoholic to stop drinking.

Treating alcoholism with apples

Apples are another useful natural remedy against alcoholism . A good eating apples helps to clean intoxication.

Cure alcoholism using celery

The juice of raw celery proved to be a good treatment for alcoholism. Mix half a cup of celery juice with half a glass of water and drink a glass a day for a month.


One of the most effective ways to recover from alcoholism is to follow a diet that helps the body to not have to “require” the alcohol. It ‘well consume many juices at least in the first ten days of treatment, during which the patient will feel less and less the need of having to resort to alcohol. It ‘good to eat more often and in small amounts, rather than two or three large meals. It ‘also need as much exercise in the open air.
It ‘best to avoid foods such as rice, sugar, condiments strong, white flour and meat.
Avoid smoking is essential as smoking may increase the desire for alcohol.

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