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Doing bedwetting (also known as enuresis) is an involuntary act that normally occurs during sleep. Also known as urinary incontinence or nocturnal enuresis.

Symptoms of enuresis

The main symptom is to make bedwetting involuntarily while sleeping. However, other symptoms may include:

  • Children between 6 and 7 years hardly spend a night “dry”
  • Get wet himself during the day
  • Uncontrolled movements of the intestine causing “spots” involuntary
  • Peeing dark
  • Burning sensation to pee

    Causes of pee in bed

    Doing bedwetting children can be related to the immaturity of the nervous system: the child is not able to perceive that your bladder is full.

    • Sometimes it happens that the bladder is very small and can not hold all the urine produced during the night.
    • Some medical conditions, such as urinary tract infections, constipation, diabetes, anemia or epilepsy may lead to this disease.
    • Hormonal factors: when there is an inadequate quantity of antidiuretic hormone. This hormone reduces the amount of urine produced by children.
    • Abnormalities in the spinal cord.
    • Genetic factors.
    • Deep sleep.

    Natural Remedies for the pee in bed

    • An hour before bedtime, drink 200 ml of cranberry juice.
    • Before going to sleep, eat two tablespoons of nuts and raisins.
    • Drinking tea made from herbs.
    • Practicing physical exercises for the control urine, postponing the urine for a few minutes, and gradually increasing the waiting time. Helps to strengthen the muscles that control urine and expand the capacity of the bladder.
    • Avoid drinking fluids before bedtime, and make sure the bladder is empty.

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