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The sore shoulder pain is one of the most common and frequent nowadays. The sedentary habits of life, at work and at home, and psychological conditions were associated with emotional tension, causing muscle spasm and then a sore shoulder.

Natural remedies for sore shoulder

Care with garlic

One of the most important natural remedies for sore shoulder is garlic. Take two or three cloves every morning.
You can also use a garlic oil, then rub shoulders with a massage. In preparation for this oil just fry ten cloves of garlic in 60 ml of oils such as sesame or coconut. You have to fry over low heat until it reaches a brown hue. Apply plenty of everything on the shoulder and let it rest for about three hours, then take a nice hot bath. Perform this treatment for at least 15 days.

The lemon

Lemon is another useful natural remedy for a sore shoulder. Take lemon juice mixed with salt at least twice a day.

Cure a sore shoulder with vitamin C

Vitamin C has been shown to be very useful in cases of more serious sore shoulder. Take about 2000 mg of vitamin C once daily. The first improvements can be verified even after two days.

The potato

The raw potato is a natural remedy for sore shoulder as old as effective. It helps relieve the pain in the lumbar region, especially in the lower part of the shoulder.


In most cases, the sore shoulder is mainly concentrated at the center. The pain can pass on both sides, also of the back and hips. In some severe cases, the patient may be forced to stay in bed, unable to move.
Approximately 90% of patients who have shoulder pain , suffer from cervical spondylosis and lumbar. E ‘a degenerative problem for which various vertebrae are joined to each other by unions of bone. As a result, the spine loses its flexibility.


E ‘recommended to consume large amounts of green vegetables and fruits.

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