Cure Asthma – Know Its Symptoms and Management

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Asthma a chronic respiratory problem is caused due to inflammation of the bronchial tubes. These Asthma- Symptoms and Managementtubes are the airways in your body, which regulate the flow of air in and out from your lungs. Irritants triggering your asthma can cause swelling in these tubes along with the tightening of muscles around them.

Recognizing the disease symptoms and timely diagnosis can be of great help. Some of the common symptoms of asthma are as follows:

  • Coughing- which may intensify at night, during exercise or while laughing
  • Losing breath easily
  • A feeling of tightening in chest
  • Wheezing

The degree of these symptoms basically depends upon the condition of the problem. In case of severe cases, these symptoms may intensify in addition to other acute signs and symptoms such as experiencing trouble while speaking and developing blueness around mouth. Such symptoms generally vary from person to person. The severe asthma attacks can be sudden and even life threatening in certain cases if proper medical care is not sought on time.

The early detection of symptoms and diagnosis of asthma can help in provision of timely and proper care thereby saving the patient from any severe health consequences at a later stage in life.

Living with Asthma

The onset of asthma can be experienced at any age. Even children are not spared of this problem which can leave them dependant on medications for their lifetime. Luckily, in certain cases they can recover from this problem by their teens.

There is no cure for asthma. Thus, if you are suffering from the disease then you need to learn to control the triggers and know about the usage of the required medication and equipment. Before proceeding with the treatment and management of asthma, it is important to understand the causes and irritants stimulating asthma condition.

Some of the factors that enhance the chances of developing asthma:

  • Weak immunity system
  • Poor diet
  • Respiratory infections in childhood
  • A relative or a family member diagnosed with asthma
  • Long exposure to dust or chemicals
  • Climatic conditions

People with asthma become sensitive towards certain irritants the exposure to which can cause malfunctioning of the respiratory system and can even provoke an asthma attack. Thus, controlling the problem implies avoidance of coming in contact of such triggers.

  • Air pollution
  • Presence of a strong smell in your surroundings such as that of cigarette smoke, perfumes and food additives
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Animals
  • Extreme changes in temperature and humidity

Manage Asthma:

In order to keep your condition of asthma in check, you need to chalk out an action plan with your physician. A self management plan will help in improving the quality of your life as you will feel more confident to engage in the normal activities by being in better charge of your asthma condition.

  • Appropriate medical attention

Take care to religiously follow the physician’s prescription of medicines. Learn the usage of instruments such as peak flow meter to properly monitor the situation. Any abrupt changes in the measurements should be taken seriously. Consult your doctor immediately.

  • Physical fitness

Discuss certain exercises with a physician, which you can do without affecting your asthma condition. Smoking cigarettes should be strictly avoided. Devise a nutritious diet plan. Physical activeness reduces the risk of emergence of symptoms and asthma attacks.

Keep your spirits high to better deal with the situation and live a normal and a healthy life. You can also go for different therapies such as acupuncture and massage to better manage your asthma condition.

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