Choosing the Right Fake Tan Product for Your Skin Tone

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With the benefits of using artificial tanning products, natural tanning has lost its worth, while people have turned more towards the use of fake tan products. There are many varieties of fake tanning products available in the market, out of which making a choice of a reliable product suitable for your skin is difficult. There are many complaints of people getting an unnatural tan or an orange skin effect after using a self tanning product, which is likely to be caused by the use of non compatible products.

However, given below are a few tips that would help you in making a choice of the best tanning product for the tone of your skin.

  • Hand Test: Before making a purchase of a skin tanning product, you must test some colours available in the market on your hand. This testing will help you make a choice of the colour that will suit best to your skin type and colour. You must make a choice of the colour of the colour with a close resemblance to your skin tone to get a natural tone rather than an orange or fake tan.

  • Tan Type: This is a vital point to be considered before making a choice of the tanning product for your skin, where the choice of the type of the tan depends on your skin tone that you desire. If you want to get a light skin tone or a hint of the tan colour, a slight darker tan colour is best for you to choose. But, for a tropical look, a darker tan colour is appropriate to be selected, which can be selected with the hand test as discussed above. In case, you are interested in getting a golden bronze tan, select the tanning product with a shade 2-3  points darker than the natural shade of your skin.

  • Cost & Reliability: As mentioned in the beginning, there are many tanning products available in the market, which make the choice difficult. There are a few reliable brands, while others fail to provide desired results to the users, thus, the reliability of a brand of the tanner is also important while making a choice. Though, you must look for affordable products to reduce your expenses, but you are more likely to fall for a low quality product available at a lower cost. In order to make a healthy choice for your skin, you must buy a product from a genuine brand, while saving a little today can cost you heavily with a damaged skin in the future. There are various review websites available online to know more about brands and products available in the market and make a wise choice.

Thus, above tips offer you a complete guide on how to choose the perfect fake tan product for your skin. Avoid buying cheap low quality products and choose the perfect tan colour according to the natural tone of your skin for better results. Applying the tan product according to application instructions and with proper care is the best method to get the desired tone for your skin.

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