10 Ways to Renew Cracked Skin Caused By Itching

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Fitness and Nutrition | February 13, 2024 | Comments 0

In many cases it comes to cracking of our skin due to itching (which can occur for various reasons, example, due to wearing a certain type of clothing). How can we get rid of the itching that causes cracking?

First:  try to wear clothes that are made ​​from natural fibers.

Second: wash the clothes before use.

Third: cover (clothing) the places where the most itching occurs.

Fourth: try to wear elastic sportswear.

Fifth: give priority to wear linen clothing instead of artificial materials, because of its beneficial effects on the skin.

Sixth: do not wear rough clothes.

Seventh: the skin should be massaged with creams based on grease. Especially is important to smear (to maintain hygiene) between the thighs (which are prone to itching due to sweating), between the fingers and under the arms (armpit), because that will eliminate the skin’s sensitivity to these places, where it is rubbed.

Eighth: use powder, because it is an ancient remedy for cracking of the skin caused by itching.

Ninth: you should pay attention the appropriate cream to be applied for the itching place and the space between it.

Tenth: change the type of sport (exercise) that you do. When people who have overweight problems are taking up some sports, they have problems with their skin because of the constant feeling of itching caused by the reduction of body weight. Therefore, change the type of sport that you do in order to give the skin a little rest.


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