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If you have opted for breast augmentation, you are conscious about your body. As you enhance one part of yourself, you want to be sure to take care of everything else in order to look your best. Physical fitness in key in keeping your figure trim and maintaining good health as well. However, you need to remember to be careful as you ease your way back into your workout routine. Breast augmentation surgery is going to take a toll on your body. You need to give yourself time to heal, gradually increasing your level of activity over time. The following tips will help you to get back to exercising without causing a setback.

Immediately After Surgery: Easy Does It
Your first day or two should be dedicated to rest after you have undergone surgery. Even if you are the type of person to bounce back quickly, remember that your body needs recovery time. You are going to have some swelling and soreness. If you aren’t careful, you could cause strain on your incisions or infection, two problems that could delay your healing and cause complications. Also, listen to your body. If you need a little longer because you are in pain, allow yourself more time to rest.

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things
You can begin light activity after the first few days. Walking is the best form of exercise in the beginning. You’ll probably start out with short distances, gradually increasing your distance. You should not use hand weights at this time or try speed walking. Otherwise, too much movement and strain on your breasts will result. Eventually, add more low impact forms of exercise. The treadmill or a stationary bike are good choices, as well as an elliptical. You need to take care not to include vigorous arm movements or place pressure on your chest. Even though it is low impact, swimming should be avoided for at least a week because of the stress on the upper body and arm movements.

Stepping It Up
Three weeks in and you can finally start to concentrate on your upper body. You can get back to exercises that focus on your arms and your waistline. However, you still do not want undue pressure on muscles in the chest. Push-ups and plank exercises should be avoided at this time. Even if you are feeling like you are fully recovered, it is recommended to shorten your workout and keep the intensity at a lower level. If you overdo it, complications could result that will put a crimp in your fitness plans with a hospital stay.

Back to Normal
After four weeks, you should be able to resume your regular activities and get back into your old routine. Be patient with yourself and remember that every individual is different. If you feel discomfort after a month, you may need to wait a little longer before you can get back into the flow of things. You may find that it is helpful to wear a sports bra, or other type of bra with more support, as you become more active. This can provide you with more comfort and allow you to have less restraint in your movement.

Your body will need time to bounce back after breast augmentation surgery, just like any other procedure. Don’t rush yourself and end up with a much longer recovery time due to complications. Also, if you have intense pain after your procedure, prolonged swelling, redness around your incisions, or fever, be sure to get medical attention for a potential infection.

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