Does Yoga Burn Calories? Yes it does

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Read on to know more on how to burn calories with Yoga. Find below few popular forms of Yoga, with exercise tips that will help increase your metabolism and further burn calories at an increased rate.

Those already following the Yoga routines are well aware with the core concept of Yoga – striking a perfect balance between the mind and body; in other words the mental and the physical planes of a human nature. While most flock to Yoga for the obvious benefits gained from it like muscle toning, strength building, core stability development and stress-busting, one should not care to forget that a complete Yoga session in its truest sense is nothing but a full-body workout. The continuous series of stretches, postures, poses, movements, and breathing patterns, all focus on some or the other part of the body and are created with a specific purpose of benefitting the human body. Secondly, the amount of calories burned in any physical activity undertaken in a Yoga routine is directly dependent on the type or form of the Yoga you are following.

A little personal attention into your Yoga workout routine and you will determine what blend of Yoga exercises will help burn the maximum number of calories in one session itself. But remember, Yoga is not your gymming workout, where the complete focus in gym is sweating it out Yoga doesn’t necessarily focus there. And that’s why the major influx of people to Yoga. The sole aim of Yoga has always been at bringing the body and mind on a peaceful, relaxed state. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean you ain’t burning any calories in the Yoga session.

The major forms of Yoga identifies in the west are – Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga) and the Power Yoga. Depending on what you choose to go ahead with from the above you will vary on the calorie expenditure aspect of the exercise.

  1. Hatha Yoga – is the most familiar yoga form for the westerners. This Yoga style is generally advised for the beginner level as it majorly focuses on breathing control and flowing postures. The Yoga postures tend to be simple and easy-doing. More than movements, Hatha Yoga is more about holding poses still and acquiring flexibility coupled with relaxation of the mind and body. On an average, a 150-pound person may burn anywhere between 175 to 189 calories in one hour.
  2. Ashtanga Yoga – Ashtanga Yoga is what we plainly call the Power Yoga. It is one notch higher the Hatha Yoga, meaning an advanced extension to the postures and the breathing patterns. Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic series of breathing pattern and the transitions between various postures, with increasing difficulty level. A way of body-purification, as the “internal heat” created burns the toxins off the body. You can expect to burn 300 to 351 calories per hour.
  3.  Vinyasa Yoga – commonly referred to as the Flow Yoga, because of the constant flowing movement from one posture to another. Most calorie-burner yogis have a strong affinity with this form for the continuous, rigorous movements. No two routines are same, and become intense as the routine proceeds. In an hour, you could shed anywhere between 445 to 594 calories.
  4. Bikram Yoga – the famed Hot Yoga. Though not every style of Hot Yoga is classified as the Bikram Yoga. If you may, then get tutored from a certified Bikram yogi only. Particularly, this routine is about sweating out in a room that is raised to a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The sequence is combined of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Starting from the standing position to reduce to the sitting posture, while transitioning from one pose to another out. The focus is on sweating out the body toxins to a maximum level. Burn between 477 to 630 calories per hour.

That is a comprehensive list up there to burn calories with Yoga. Though most health and fitness practitioners (not necessarily Yoga fanatics) suggest coupling a Yoga routine with some physical activity like cycling or swimming, to reap maximum benefits and shed calories to the best level.

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