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With the term hangover we refer to the effects of an intoxication, due to the consumption of large amounts of alcohol. Here are some cures and remedies to recover from a hangover.

Cure the hangover

The water

Consume plenty of water before going to sleep. Helps to limit the effects of dehydration caused by alcohol. To recover from a hangover , drink plenty of water especially in the morning.

Get rid of the hangover with food

Eat something after drinking serves as a remedy for the consequences of a drunk . It helps to reduce the degree to which alcohol enters the blood.

Cure the hangover with Vitamin C

Swallow capsules of vitamin C helps to reduce the content of alcohol in the body.

Symptoms of a hangover

The main symptom of a hangover is to feel dry mouth. The head becomes heavy and can hurt you. You feel very tired and sleepy. The eyes can arrossirsi and swell. Nausea and vomiting can be part of the symptoms of a hangover.


Never drink on an empty stomach. Food helps to absorb some of the alcohol and digest faster. Simply consuming less than one drink per hour, alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks (preferably plain water).

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