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The remedies for headaches are among the most sought, as the headache is one of the most common and annoying disorder. Most headaches are functional, as caused by temporary disturbances, and are not related to any organic change in the brain. Can be considered as a warning that there is something wrong somewhere in the body. However, the real pain occurs due to irritation of the nerves in the shoulders, neck and scalp muscles. The headache due to migraine are acute conditions suffered by some patients.

Natural remedies for headaches

Treating headaches with lemon

There are various natural remedies for headaches , which may be of various types. Squeeze two or three slices of lemon in a cup of tea, to be eaten slowly. The lemon peel has proved to be an excellent cure for headache due to the heat.


Apples have the characteristic of being able to cure all kinds of headache. Consume the flesh of the apple enriched with salt every morning on an empty stomach for about a week.

The privet

The flowers of henna are a great natural remedy for headaches caused by sunstroke. Rub the leaves in vinegar and apply on the forehead.

Care headache with cinnamon

Cinnamon is helpful in curing headaches caused by exposure to cold air. Apply on the face of cinnamon mixed with water.


The herb marjoram is very useful to treat nervous headaches. Drink an infusion of this spice.


The best way to prevent headaches is to accumulate physical resistance by adopting an appropriate diet. Eat every two hours daily and citrus fruit juices diluted with water. Then plan your diet trying to give as little tension as possible to digestion. Consume foods rich in protein and avoid heavy sauces. Drink water with honey every morning before breakfast.

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  1. well here goes. I have had bad headaches since I was ten years old. I still have miganires a lot but I went to a neurologist a few months back and I had this traveling pain in my head that was not a migraine and he ran all kind of tests on me and come to find out I didn’t have any vitimeine B1 in my system at all and he put me on it and the pain that would go from my ear and travel around my head somethimes five days and night went away. Anyway my vitimine b1 went from five to 29 in three weeks and I have not had the pain that goes around my head and would last five days and night have completely gone , he said that I may not have ever had it in my system and it is going to take years for the rest of my body , but I still get miganires , but thank goodness the other pain is gone He is the type of Dr that always checks out vitimines on every patient . There isn’t any place on orders for vitimine test for B1 he had to right it down. You will never know how it feels to not have my ear sore all the time and the pain moving from place to place for days. Any I still have migrains and I have meds. for that and the pain goes away within about 20 minutes thank goodnes for that. Ask your Dr. to run a itimine b1 test he will have to put it down himself because it is no longer a vitimine they look for and it is the one that control the nervous system and also the musels go figure.

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