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Natural remedies for mosquito bites

During the summer, at the beach, in the mountains, one of the most annoying things are the bites of insects, especially mosquitoes. The following are natural remedies and ways to keep them away, and avoid mosquito bites.

Keep mosquitoes away with basil

Rub one or more basil leaves on the arms and other parts of the body exposed to the bites of mosquitoes, keeping them away from contact with the skin.

Vinegar as a mosquito repellent

Fill a jar with vinegar and put it on the window, this serves to limit the entry of mosquitoes from the same window.

The lemon away annoying insects

Mosquitoes are very sensitive to the smell of lemon, applied to the skin, keeps them away.Even raw garlic and onion are just loved by these insects.

Avoid perfumes

Many perfumes spread smells “sweet” that attract mosquitoes and insects. Avoiding the application of these perfumes also avoid mosquito bites!

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