Peas as a remedy for gout

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The gout is a type of inflammation of the joints. Gout is chronic and can cause acute attacks. It affects mostly men and women in middle age, especially after menopause.

Treat it with cherries

Cherries, sweet or bitter, are considered to be effective in treating gout . Consume about 15 to 20 cherries a day.

Care with vegetable juice

The raw vegetable juices have long been used to treat gout. The carrot juice mixed with cucumber juice and beet, is one of the most effective. Consume it once a day.

Peas as a remedy for gout

The juice of peas has been found effective as a natural remedy for gout . Consume once daily 150ml of juice.


Apples are a great cure for gout. The malic acid of apples neutralizes uric acid and generates relieved the victims of the cheek.


The most common symptom of gout is severe pain in the thumb, which becomes hot and swollen in a few hours. Can get to also affect other joints such as knees and wrists. Attacks occur mostly at night or early morning. The pain lasts about a week, during which the patient may also suffer from fever and loss of appetite.

Causes of gout

A major cause of gout is the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints, skin and kidneys.Uric acid is an end product of the chemical processes of the body. Patients with gout have a level of uric acid in the blood higher than normal, due to the formation of increasing amounts of acid which is expelled through the kidneys, with urine. Uric acid dissolves in the blood, but when you reach higher levels of presence, the acid forms crystals in the joints and cause gout attacks.
Other causes of gout can be excessive alcohol consumption, the consumption of foods rich protein and lack of exercise.

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