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For some men, being under stress mean just be a little ‘more irritable than usual, while others stress can become the cause of erectile dysfunction. In these cases, learning to relax to relieve stress is all you need to treat episodes of impotence.

What are the techniques that can be used to relax?

To learn how to relax you should be familiar with different breathing patterns and change them so they will help you feel better. Not everyone knows that your breathing pattern is often interrupted by changes in emotion. People who are anxious, for example, tend to hold their breath and speak with a high pitched voice as if they were breathing. On the other hand, people who are depressed tend to sigh and speak in a low voice as if they were, instead, breathing out.

Below we list some relaxation exercises. First make sure you are in a quiet place, free from distractions and in a good mood. Lock all the worries and bad thoughts that distract you.

Rhythmic breathing : If your breathing is short and hurried, slow it down, taking long slow breaths. Inhale and exhale very slowly. Count, still without haste, up to five as you inhale and then again, slowly and always up to five as you exhale. Exhaling pay attention to the way the body relaxes in a natural way. Recognizing this change will help you relax even more.

Deep breathing , imagine a part of your body just below the navel.Breathe in that spot, filling your abdomen with air and then let go of the outside air, such as when a deflated balloon. Over time, thanks to a slow exhalation, you should feel more relaxed.

Visual breathing : Find a comfortable place where you can close your eyes and breathing combine imagination. Pictured in your mind a relaxed and let all the tension move away from you. Breathe deeply, but in a natural rhythm. Visualize your breath that passes from the nose, lungs and expands the chest and abdomen. Keep displaying your breath coming out in the same way. Keep breathing, but every time you breathe, imagine that you are breathing with a greater degree of relaxation. Each time you exhale imagine instead to get rid of a little ‘longer voltage.

Progressive muscle relaxation : pass by your thoughts to yourself and your breath. Take a few deep breaths, exhale slowly. Mentally scanned your body. Notice areas that feel more tense or cramped. Rapidly dissolve these areas. Let go of the tension as much as possible. Rotate the head in a fluid circular motion once or twice. Do not make any movement that may cause discomfort or pain. Move your shoulders forward and backward several times. Let all the muscles to relax completely. Focus on a pleasant thought for a few seconds. Take another deep breath and exhale slowly.You should feel very relaxed.

Relax with music : relaxation exercises together with your favorite music playing in the background. Select the type of music that usually puts you in a good mood or you find it  particularly relaxing or calming. Some people find it easier to relax while listening to relaxation tapes specially designed to provide the music along with instructions for relaxation.

Visual mental relaxation : relaxation to mental images, or otherwise known as guided imagery, is a proven form of focused relaxation that helps create harmony between the mind and the body. Guided imagery instills calm due to the fact that the images you create in your mind peaceful act as if wanting to build a sort of ‘mental escape’ strains. Identify the problem to be solved and close combat, talk to yourself. It is important to identify the negative way, wrong, to interact with themselves and recognize a healthy and positive approach to himself.

Some positive affirmations that you can try to use :

“I let go of the things that I can not control”

“I am healthy, vital and strong”

“There is nothing in the world that I can not manage”

“All my needs are met”

“I am completely and utterly safe”

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