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Breast enlargement is gaining its popularity amongst women these days. But to make a perfect choice for yourself regarding the breast enlargement options available in the market remains questionable. This article will provide you enough information regarding the choice of implants which are available in the market for breast enlargement. After knowing the pros and cons of them, you can easily decide which one will suit you the most.

There are basically two types of breast implants available in the market. Each one has its own benefits and shortcomings. We will discuss in details regarding both in this article so that the one’s who are in pipeline of choosing the right implant for themselves get the maximum benefit through this article. The individual choice varies with the circumstances and preferences.

The known two types of breast enlargements available in the market are: silicon gel implants and saline implants. Both of these are surrounded by a firm, elastic silicon shell which helps in preventing the implants from bursting or rupturing. You can choose the surface of the shell to be smooth or textured.

1) Silicon Gel Implants: This type of breast enlargement is prefilled with a silicon substance that can vary in its consistency and firmness. Various advantages are there for using these silicon gel implants. Firstly, they have a strong history of longer and safer use as an implant. Secondly, they are firm enough and do not wrinkle easily like other implants. The next advantage includes its different shapes to choose from which include round or contoured shape which are also known as tear drop shaped. The texture of the silicon gel is smooth enough and it’s pliability gives you the natural feel. Last but not the least, most of the silicon gel breast enlargement have a textured surface in order to avoid you from the problems such as hardening due to capsular contracture. Thus, this type of implant is best suitable if you really want to have the closest to natural look and feel. Also, they are known for being safe from any type of breast cancer and lupus formation.

2) Saline Implants: This type of breast enlargement implants come with a strong shell of silicon which is filled with sterile salt water solution. There is an option of getting them  as pre-filled ones or you can fill them through a valve once they are inserted into your breasts. Advantages of this type includes a long history of it’s safe use. Another major advantage is that the saline filled in them are just like our body fluids, so, this gets easily absorbed or excreted from the body in case the implant ruptures. But this category has few disadvantages too which makes it a lower choice for the candidates. It has been noticed that these may rupture at an early stage than the other implants. They are more prone to wrinkling and folding and are only available in round shape. They do not resemble as natural as silicon implants thus making it more uncomfortable for the female once implanted.

After having the information regarding the both types, choose wisely for yourself. After all, it is all about the same natural feel and the look.

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