Key Medical And Lifestyle Benefits Afforded By Adjustable Massage Beds

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1376412374_528503698_1-Pictures-of--Adjustable-Salonmassage-bedSome people – especially us sceptical Brits – think that adjustable massage beds seem just too good to be true: a bed that can alleviate aggravating medical problems, such as back pain and arthritis, and provide a relaxing massage as and when necessary? Pull the other one!

Despite the seemingly fantastical nature of these assertions, the truth is that medical professionals and independent experts the world over fully substantiate the claims leading adjustable massage bed manufacturers make.

Indeed, independent studies carried out by universities, research institutes and teaching hospitals show these beds are able to provide numerous medical and lifestyle benefits that can help to relax and rest muscles, soothe rheumatic pains, ease nervousness and stress, raise pain thresholds and improve blood circulation.

Key Medical Benefits

It is often the case that just a few simple changes to the way an individual sleeps can have a fundamental effect on their health. Adjustable beds can be of enormous benefit in this respect as they enable those resting on them to enjoy a more restful sleep by alleviating numerous aches, pains and medical issues. These are likely to include:

Lower back pain

Being able to adjust a bed up or down can be invaluable to individuals suffering with lower back pain as it enables them to redistribute pressure across their body. Moreover, this capability also allows people with back pain to stretch their back in bed by positioning it upright and then slowly lowering it down.


It is a fact that regular therapeutic massage can help to mitigate the more painful effects of rheumatoid arthritis. An adjustable bed with a massage mattress is just the ticket here as it can provide people afflicted with arthritis with some very welcome relief whenever they need it most.

Asthma, heartburn & acid reflux

It has been shown that sleeping in a slightly upright position can benefit people who suffer with asthma or sleep apnoea as it takes stress off of the lungs. Elevating the head while sleeping can also help people who experience regular bouts of heartburn and reflux as it help the stomach to retain acids which may otherwise travel up the oesophagus and cause discomfort.

 Key Lifestyle Benefits

As well as the clear health benefits, adjustable beds are able to provide those who buy them with a wealth of lifestyle benefits too.

Reduce or eliminate snoring

Research has suggested that raising the head of a bed by as little as seven degrees can help to reduce or eliminate snoring as this relatively minor correction gives a snorer’s spine and respiratory system far greater support. Suffice to say, partners of snorers are likely to appreciate this benefit more than any other!

Relax in comfort

Stacking pillows behind the back is a less-than-ideal way to read or watch television in bed as they always need to be re-adjusted and re-fluffed at inopportune moments. Adjusting massage beds eliminate this problem entirely by providing consistent comfort and steadfast support.

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