Sperm Donors Decline in Numbers?

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Men's Health | July 15, 2024 | Comments 0

images (3)There is no doubt that having a child is the most amazing thing that anyone can experience in life. Yet whilst many people who take having children for granted, there are people who are not so lucky in life. Fertility clinics exist to help give the gift of life to people who deserve it. Unfortunately, if one raises the issue of sperm banks in public, they are still likely to be met with guffaws and nervous giggles. Unfortunately, this very serious issue is still subjected to a stash of myths and double entendres. However, it is no laughing matter for people who are unable to conceive naturally or have fertility issues to overcome. The fact is that donated sperm not only allows the possibility of creating new life, it can also positively change the lives of people who wish to be parents.

That said there is a concern about a lack of sperm donors currently available for prospective parents to choose from. Fertility expert Dr Michael McEvoy believes that there is a chronic shortage of sperm donors and that this is only serving to compound the difficult issues often faced by childless couples. A director of a fertility clinic himself, Dr McEvoy explains: “We have about six sperm donors at this point in time. When I started out in the field, about 20 or 30 years ago, we would have had 20 or 30 donors on a good year.”

Dr Christine Kirby said sperm donation decline is linked to a change in confidentiality laws around the world which give more rights to the offspring that are conceived as a result of sperm donation.

“I think the wider the choice you can have for an individual couple the better. It has been something that has changed steadily over a period of time. Thirty years ago the whole recruitment of donors was different. There was confidentiality, donors believed that children would never have access to them. Medical students, university students frequently were donors.”

Fortunately, anyone looking for free sperm donors can find reputable clinics that offer the best amount of information, safety measures, and resources, in order to help couples create a child. An increasing number of gay and lesbian couples are seeking to become parents. The most important thing for a child is to be brought up in an environment where they feel loved and cherished. Couples that have had to go through a fertility clinic process are often all too aware of the gift that they have been given and will prove to be excellent parents as a result.

The ability to procreate is one which should be a basic human right. Yet it is all too often denied to people who would be brilliant parents. That is why fertility clinics all around the world exist to bring hope and joy to thousands of people who would not otherwise be able to become parents. There are thousands of children currently living today who would not otherwise be alive if not for fertility treatments.

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