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The pregnancy is a life stage magic for every woman and there are excellent ways to live, one of these is the pilates . Although the pre-birth is important to consult your doctor first, and in any case it is advisable to start the business after the first quarter, especially before pregnancy you have never practiced this type of training.

The Pilates with suopi basic principles: breathing, concentration, fluidity of movement, control, center of gravity, precision is an excellent exercise pre-and post-natal care, increasingly recommended by doctors, partly because the intensity of effort is always adjusted individual workout. The first teaches the pilates body awareness that changes with the progression of pregnancy, thus increasing the ecquilibrio mind and body.

During the pre-birth is essential to maintain stable and mobile bone structure, especially the spine and the pelvis, which must support the weight continues to increase. During pregnancy, hormones, especially the Relaxing, spread in the body and make it, for example, the pelvis more mobile but at the same time unstable, risking consequences on the stretch illiosacral of the spine.

therefore very important to both strengthen the back muscles, thus maintaining a correct posture and stable than those of the center of gravity (abdominal, pelvic floor, perineum) to prepare for the birth. Is important to keep under control the radius of movement, since the bone structure is more sensitive and insatbile; for this reason are not recommendable  exaggerated and uncontrolled movements of elongation.

With the method Pilates is promoted dissolution of tensions, soptratutto in the lumbar region, the diaphragm also changes its position and goes up with each month of pregnancy, which increases respiratory rate. Breathing is one of the seven basic principles that is focused above all in the course of pregnancy also because correct breathing is the basis for a birth .

In summary, the benefits of Pilates in pregnancy are many: improved posture, maintains functional circulatory system prevevendo varicose veins. Focusing on the seven basic principles especially those indicated in bold help to perfectly prepare for delivery and stable mind and body.

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  1. If you are planning on brseatfeeding, they will tell you to wait for birth control or put you on what’s called a minipill at six weeks; the hormones in birth control pills can change breastmilk production and brseatfeeding exerts some measure of birth control by itself (not enough to rely on though). If you choose not to breastfeed, they will put you on a birth control pill at six weeks. You can use condoms until you have been on the birth control for at least a month. Many women have sex before the six-week mark, they wait until they stop bleeding and any stitches have healed but some find it hard to wait. Talk about birth contro with your Ob-Gyn when you get into week 32 or so. He/she can give you lots of information and help you make a decision. This will give you lots of time to ask lots of questions and your provide will know what special considerations there are for you.

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