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Ideal food for diarrhea

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What are the best foods for diarrhea? I noted in this post those beneficial foods, ideals and good in case of acute diarrhea.

When we are ill stomach, and for example suffer from diarrhea (or any other related disorder, such as gastroenteritis ), it is normal that our doctor prescribes us track a bland diet astringent .

This diet is based precisely on the intake of certain foods ideal for taking care of our digestive system during the duration of gastroenteritis or diarrhea, not greatly stimulate digestion. It is also useful for other disorders, such as indigestion or food poisoning.

When we suffer from diarrhea is not advised to eat fatty foods, and those that can generate excess stomach acid, because we must not forget that during this time, we have to do is to calm our digestive system while regenerates, and alleviate diarrhea.

What are the best foods for diarrhea?

At the onset of diarrhea, are recommended above:

  • Hydration : with diarrhea since our body loses a lot of fluids is essential to correct the dehydration, opting for water, herbal teas and vegetable broths and strained with salt. In some extreme cases it is advisable to opt for whey, also can not forget the lemon helps to calm diarrhea.
  • Water resulting from the cooking of the rice.
  • White fish grilled or baked.
  • Baked apples with lemon zest.

When we’re feeling better, we can choose:

  • Hard boiled eggs.
  • White rice.
  • Omelette.
  • White yogurt.

It is advisable to eat small amounts and never forcing, because chances are that after a bout of diarrhea have not really hungry. Yes, hydration is always fundamental.

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