Diabetes: description of diabetes, the disease of sugar

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For those suffering from diabetes , certain gestures, so far harmless, they can

endanger life. It happens that a bad day, it does not work no more because the level of glucose in the blood has escaped out of control. In the United States, about 1 out of 5 adults, aged 65 years, is diabetic but more than half do not even know. Under normal conditions, the pancreas secretes insulin, a hormone needed to use glucose for energy needs of the cells. If you have diabetes, however, the pancreas no longer produces insulin and this is called insulin-dependent diabetes.

Regardless of the type of diabetes, the result remains the same: too much sugar in the

blood circulation. The risk of diabetes is higher if: you have more than 30 years, the weight exceeds 20% of the ideal weight, the data in the light of at least two babies weighing more than 4 pounds, diabetic relatives. Need to pay attention to the following symptoms: frequent urination, especially at night, fatigue or feeling that something is wrong, unexplained weight loss, blurred vision, slow healing of cuts and bruises, intense thirst and hunger, unexplained itching.

Good news for diabetics

It has a nice saying that eating is a problem for everyone: for people with diabetes is
Give yourself some candymuch more complicated, but there is good news for them. Today, in fact you are free to determine their own diet with the help of a dietitian specializing the ideal diet depends on the type of diabetes you suffer dincui, the lifestyle we lead and the general state of health.


For a long time the sugar was a forbidden

food for diabetics because the experts believed that the simple carbs like sugar pass more quickly in the blood of the complex carbohydrates contained in the bread and vegetables. Poached diabetics cannot make good sugar, weighed specialists that excessive consumption could cause hyperglycemia.But today we know that sugar enters the blood at the same rate or almost other carbs ..The moderate consumption of zucchrero is therefore more harmful than other carbohydrates.

It ‘is important to know the total intake of carbohydrates that they ingest. And ‘well note the amount of simple sugars and complex consumed and remember that the total intake should not exceed 55-60% of total calories. You should not be afraid to taste the sweets every now and do not forget to adjust your diet accordingly, reduce the consumption of starchy foods and control of lipids because many cakes are high in fat.

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