Aerobic Exercises

The benefits of aerobic exercises

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The benefits of aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercise if properly done on a regular basis can improve your life and add many years to your life. Whether the aerobic exercise you prefer is walking, jogging, cycling or swimming, it is important that you keep doing it because it can have a huge positive influence on your life both physically and mentally. Maybe you really want to be healthy and you still haven’t found enough motivation to get physical. It could be your busy daily schedule that’s getting in your way or maybe every time you think of initiating some exercise, you fall asleep. Either way, if there is a will there is a way, so let’s look at some of the marked benefits of aerobic exercises that you can bargain with your mind for some motivation.

First we need to understand how the body responds to aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercise involves a lot of repeated movements which put a lot of the large muscles in your arms, legs and hips to work. The body’s responses will be quickly noticeable. The breathing will be very fast and deep. This eventually increases and peaks the amount of oxygen in your blood. With a heart rate, the blood circulation would happen very fast. The small capillaries would expand ready to accept a higher amount of oxygen and carry away the waste products like Carbon Dioxide and Lactic acid. The endorphins which act as natural pain killers released by your body will make you feel good.

Enough about the changes that take place inside the body, now we’ll consider the impact the aerobic exercises will have on your health. The health benefits of aerobics do not depend on the age or the weight. It is always good and healthy for you. Eventually you’ll become stronger and healthier as a result of the changes the exercises make within your body. Here are 10 ways in which aerobic exercises can improve your life and health.

The first lovely thing about persistent aerobics is that it’s going to take the biggest burden off your heart by taking pounds away from your body. Combined with a proper diet, aerobics can help you get in tiptop shape. There is no need to elaborate the numerous ailments associated with being overweight. We all know these and heard testimonials of people who are overweight.

One day you get late to the bus and you make it to the bus halt just when the bus starts moving and you start running behind screaming the driver’s ears off. Few metres passed, the bus stops and boy aren’t you glad it did! You smile wide at the driver as the door opens and just as you take your first step on to the bus, you get a massive cramp and you realise those few metres have cost you good. Those are the times you wish you had maintained your stamina. Regular aerobics can help increase stamina and reduce fatigue.


Aerobics can strengthen your immune system and ward off viral sicknesses and reduce a lot of health risks like obesity, heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and sometimes some cancers. So if you have not done any exercise for a long time, don’t get into intense right away. Take it slow and let your body get used to the exercises for a while. Make sure you do aerobics persistently and properly. Health is wealth!


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