Causes of lack of thirst

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In a normal situation, there are two main ways to replace the water your body loses:

  • Through food or fluid intake with some water content
  • By metabolic water obtained by oxidation of food


Why I have never thirsty?

If most of the day does not show the feeling of thirst, no big deal, because it means that it is incorporating proper fluid intake in the diet.

However, if you’ve seen that before long there is a drastic change in the need for fluids without apparent cause, you should consult your doctor.

Consequences of dehydration 

When the body does not receive adequate hydration the toxins and waste products also accumulate in the excretory organs and, in a way, the blood and cellular fluids suffer poisoning.

Other symptoms that may occur: increased blood pressure, dark urine, general body weakness, dry skin, etc. ..


Causes of lack of thirst . This disorder is called adipsia, and is lack of desire to drink, even when the body lacks water or excess salt . Its causes, among others, are indexed due to some type of congenital brain abnormality, bronchial tumor, hydrocephalus or stroke.



May also be due to some type of head injury, in which case the doctor will test the system nervous by specific tests, and an assessment in order to rule out a hypothalamic lesion .


Do not forget …

That older people, especially from the sixties, may lose the perception of thirst , so you have to watch your fluid intake to decrease the risk of lower than recommended hydration.

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