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Maintaining Beauty – Homemade Beauty Tips for College Girls

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With lack of sleep and stress from studying, doing assignments, presentations and projects, it comes as no surprise that college girls lose their beauty. Huge eyebags are being mistaken as the eyes because it becomes more noticeable than the real ones. And the skin starts to get dry and lose its glow.

Unbelieavable as it may sound, these things can really happen to college girls who let stress and lack of sleep turn them into ugly duckling. But with the homemade beauty tips written below, surely, a day of wanting to just hide in the room than be seen looking awful by your crush won’t come.

Getting Thick Hair

This can be achieved with the use of mustard and olive oil. You should mix the same quantity of mustard and olive oil then massage the mixture to your hair at least two times a week. Doing this will surely give you a hair as thich as you want it to be.

Getting Fair Skin

College girls are recommended to massage to their skin gently for 10 minutes a paste from the mixture of yolk of one egg, two table spoon of almond oil and one table spoon of lemon juice. The paste should be massaged regularly for a month without skipping for good results.

Avoiding Acne Problems

Acne is one big problem that many college girls faces at their age. The good thing is, this can be fixed with the use of a simple home remedy. Applying mashed onions dipped in a vinegar on the infected parts of the face will get the parts treated and will result to a pure acne free skin.

Getting Pink Lips

Is this possible without the use of a pink lipstick? Yes it is! You just need to mix up the petals of rose in milk then save it in the refrigerator. Every night before sleeping, you should apply this mixture on your lips and very soon, your lips will be pink as if you have put a pink lipstick on it.

Having White and Shiny Teeth

You don’t need to undergo a teeth whitening procedure to getting yourself a white and shiny teeth. The skin of a peeled lemon, dried and made into powder will do. Brush the powder onto your teeth once a day to enjoy the day with a white and shiny teeth.

Getting soft and spot-free skin

Get yourself a soft and spot-free skin with the use of olive oil, mustard oil and rose water. Massage the mixture of the three ingredients above on your body and surely your body color will be white and spot-free.

Getting Long Eyelashes
Ever thought of having long eyelashes with the use of ingreadients that can be found at home? Well, a small piece of cotton wet in olive or coconut oil is the way for your dream to have long eyelashes to come true. You should apply it on your eyelashes every night before you sleep. Don’t expect for results the next day because it won’t. You would have to wait for few weeks before this works.


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