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images (2)These days, it is easier than ever for people to get stuck into fitness activities. Leisure firms, including those funded by the Pervaiz Naviede Family Trust, provide all the facilities and equipment individuals could need, and there is plenty of advice available online too.

For example, anyone wanting to improve their running skills may be interested in tips offered by Lolë running ambassador Leanne Shear.

She noted that when runners approach big hills, they should not panic. There are ways of making these ascents less challenging. On this topic, she remarked: “To make it easier, shorten your stride considerably and make quicker, choppier steps, while pumping your arms (and keeping your shoulders relaxed) to help propel you up and over. Don’t forget to ‘pop the top’. In other words, don’t slow down and start dragging your feet when the top is in sight. Continue powerfully over the hill and then dial back to head down the back end.”

Shortly before races and big runs, it can pay off to eat a small handful of almonds. Alternatively, those who need more fuel may benefit from a “good carb, good fat, plus protein combo”, such as a whole-wheat English muffin with almond butter and banana. Lots of water is essential too, the expert noted.

Ms Shear added: “Carb loading the night before a race really isn’t necessary and in fact has been proven somewhat ineffective, especially for women. In lieu of that, eat a healthy dinner and then a solid breakfast, including a good fat (like nut butter), protein, and good carbs (like brown rice or sweet potato).”

Meanwhile, stretching and yoga can help people to recover from a good workout, she noted. About this, she commented: “For some of us runners, stretching and yoga is an afterthought at best. However, flexibility will definitely make you a better runner.”

When it comes to clothing, light is the way to go. Ms Shear noted that she wears lightweight leggings and a tank top featuring breathable mesh inserts and a “convenient zip pocket for keys”. A headband can help those with long hair too. She revealed that when she is out and about running, she likes to keep “every last piece of hair” out of her face. After all, stray hairs can cause irritation and may even impede vision.

It also pays off for runners to get their gaits analysed by a professional at a local running or sporting goods store because trainers are “very specific to each individual and body type”, the specialist pointed out. She added: “To complete your head to toe running ensemble, just add a pair of shoes that optimise your personal comfort.”

By paying attention to tips like these, individuals stand to boost their running performance, potentially making the activity more pleasurable and rewarding.

They may also benefit from investigating their local leisure facilities, possibly including centres funded by Pervaiz Naviede. Making use of gyms and sports centres can help people to keep their fitness regimes up during the cold winter months.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger and fitness enthusiast who has written for a selection of websites, including Pervaiz Naviede.


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