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The brain is one of the most important and functional organ in our body primarily because this serves as our command center. Every person is definitely aware about its importance and function because not only does this controls our thought process, this also controls our entire sensory organs which is why this should be kept in tip-top shape. However, our brain is slowly getting worn out on a daily basis due to constant exposure to stress and various elements causing us to perform certain task in a poor manner.


A lot of people like students will definitely feel the negative effects of a stressed and exhausted mind which can affect their daily performance. Every person should remember to keep their minds sharp in order to carry out specific tasks efficiently and to do that, they need to undergo a series of activities that will improve their mind’s capabilities. By allowing yourself to undergo a series of brain exercises, you’re ensuring that you’ll be able to keep up with the most difficult tasks so be sure to be consistent at it to make your brain in great shape.


Here are a few effective exercises to train your mind that you should try yourself.



  • Crosswords, Word puzzles, Sudoku and similar games that requires you to think to accomplish certain goals is what your brain needs.


  • Be sure to read often and it doesn’t have to be a novel, a magazine or an essay because as long as you’re spending time for reading, the better.


  • Try creative writing because not only will this improve your mind, it’ll also allow you to apply your creative side as well.


  • Do math. Period


  • The Internet has a lot of interactive brain exercises that allows you to test and improve your brain’s mental capabilities so be sure to try it.


  • Always try to memorize or remember anything that you might have read, seen or heard.


  • Meditation also works because this will greatly reduce your stress levels.


  • Learn something new be it playing music, memorizing all the capitals of each country, etc. You’ll definitely increase both your brain’s performance and knowledge through this.

It’s very important to give your mind a cerebral workout because you’ll reap a lot of rewards from it and having a healthy mind is one of the best things that you could give yourself. However, you’ll also need to take care of yourself by learning how to avoid getting stressed most of the time so that you’ll be able to prevent any potential risks to your mental and physical health as well.


Author Bio: Sherry Franklin is a college student and a part-time writer as well. She works well under pressure because she can write a superior essay with ease due to her expertise at writing and her years of experiences at school. She also likes music, hiking and the Internet. Be sure to follow her on Twitter!

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