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Natural Diet Can Help You Improve Your Oral Hygiene

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Beautiful smile comes from white teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath. But not all of us are naturally gifted with these attributes nor all of us maintain our dental health as much as we should. We often hear about the need of visiting the dentist regularly, spend a good amount of time to take care of our teeth, brushing with special toothpaste, attend regular whitening sessions and more to keep our dental hygiene at the peak or to keep our teeth white or maintain our dazzling smile. But how many of us pay any heed to those?

Smoking and maintaining an unhealthy diet have often been considered to be two main reasons behind poor dental hygiene. We al know that smoking can cause oral cancer and other dental problems like cavity, plaque, tooth reposition, gum diseases and tobacco stains. More generally, smoking doesn’t do any good and many has realised this and quit smoking altogether. Those who have not been able to quit smoking, has found different alternatives like nicotine chewing gums, electronics cigarettes or skin patches. Although more research is needed, it can safely be said for now, if you are looking for better dental hygiene, you should check your diet and make needed alterations.

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White smle

In cavity prevention, what we eat and when we eat are two important factors. Nowadays everybody knows that we should eat more of calcium, Phosphorous and Magnesium so that our teeth receive the needed nutrition. Dentists will often advice you on having more of milk, cheese, meat without fat, nuts, apples and other low acid fruits and of course vegetables. They will also warn you against having too much chocolate or candies. But except this dietary mean, we also have some other precautionary method to keep our teeth healthy.

Chewing celery every day can help you to maintain a better looking teethset. While chewing celery, our mouth produces enough saliva to keep the teeth safe. Celery is natural abrasive so it cleans our gums and other hidden places. If you don’t want to chew raw celery, you can try chewing raw carrot which is excellent for our body as well. Eating half-ripe guava can also help you clean the teeth.

Cheese helps to maintain the pH balance of our mouth and this way preserves and restore our lost enamel. As enamel is responsible for keeping the inner teeth safe and also glow, better enamel layer means better looking teeth as well as stronger teeth from inside. Eat a piece of cheese every and see the difference by yourself.

Green tea is good for our general health and often come recommended for so many different illness. Green tea also helps you to fight oral bacteria and bad breath. Two to three cups of green tea everyday keeps your body healthy and also acts as natural mouthwash. If you don’t drink tea, you can ever try water, although it is less effective. Water does gum hydration, teeth cleaning and saliva production to an extent.

Onions might not be great for a fresh breath but when talking of dental health, hardly there is something better than onion. Onions are rich in antibacterial sulphuric combinations which kills almost ever oral bacteria when we eat it raw. Try raw onion in your sandwich, your daily bowl of salad or anything else.

Sesame seeds contain a lot of calcium which is great if you consider that our teeth are made of calcium. As a natural abrasive it helps us to clean the teeth but the more important job it does is to give our teeth the calcium they need. Sesame seeds can be added to the salad or spread over the preparation of meat and even on pastry. They will clean your teeth and also make your teeth and gum stronger than before.

Changing the lifestyle completely affects not only you but your whole family. The same goes for change in our diet. While people consider quitting smoking to keep a better health, they hardly consider better dental health as a reason. But by quitting smoking and by adding a few natural ingredients to your daily diet, you can easily have a better oral hygiene and a dream smile easily. However, if the problem is something serious, you better talk to some great dentists in Westlake.

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