Heartburn language

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Heartburn language

The burning of language is also known as glossodynia, inflamed mouth syndrome, oral galvanism, and stomatodinia stomatopirosi. It ‘s very common among middle-aged people and can last for several days.

Symptoms of heartburn language

Some of the symptoms of heartburn language are: dry mouth, irritated, thirst, burning sensation of the mouth, lips, palate, gums and tongue, loss of taste, numbness of the tongue and bitter taste in the mouth.

Causes of burning tongue

An infection in the mouth is the main cause of heartburn language . Among other things, some of the reasons of this disease are directly linked to hormonal changes (such as menopause), poor eating habits, medication, nerve damage, disorders endocrinologists, sore teeth and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Remedies for heartburn language

To temporarily decrease the pain, just chewing sugar-free gum or sucking an ice cube.Replace the baking soda to regular toothpaste to brush your teeth. Never chew tobacco.

Diet for heartburn language

Avoid spicy foods and hot, can aggravate the condition. Increase the consumption of vitamin B and iron.

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