Natural Remedies for Foot and Mouth

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Foot and mouth

The term mouth will show small ulcers that arise in the mouth. They are usually painful and sensitive, causing discomfort in eating and talking. Are not contagious and are triggered in the inner walls of the mouth to people of any age. May reappear once treated.


Bubbles in the inner part of the mouth, such as the language. The wound may be small, red and measure less than 10 millimeters. Burning can occur once the appearance of foot bubble . Once gone the bubble produces a cloak of yellow or white. Other symptoms may be fever or discomfort in swallowing food or drink.


The cause-AND- are still unknown. Some of the known causes are dysfunction of the immune system, a slight wound caused by hard foods such as nuts, menstruation, food allergies, nutrient deficiencies such as zinc, iron and vitamin B12, bacterial infections and hormonal disorders.

Natural Remedies for Foot and Mouth

Prepare a cleaning liquid with 5 or 6 drops of extract of grape juice in a glass of water. Wet the FMD infected with this solution at least once a day disinfect and cleanse the wound. 
Onion is another excellent natural remedy for foot . Apply a small piece of onion directly on the wounds. 
Making gargle with a spoonful of soda, a pinch of salt and a cup of warm water.

Diet for foot

Consume foods rich in vitamin B. Products such as wheat and green vegetables are an excellent source of vitamin B. 
Eat a lot of yogurt and avoid products such as coffee, lemon, oranges that irritate the mouth.Avoid foods such as nuts and very solid chips, which could cause the mouth.

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