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Cold Sores

The ‘ cold sores are caused by the herpes virus. It is a contagious disease. Is often confused with foot and mouth, which is not contagious mouth ulcer. 
herpes sores broke out mainly on the skin adjacent to the mouth, especially on the lips. Also can be triggered on the chin, nostrils, fingers or genitals.


Generally the symptoms of cold sores appear after twenty days of exposure to the virus.May appear small painful blisters, filled with a liquid red or brown, which can explode and reappear, giving way to a slight tingling. Once infected, the symptoms of cold sores are headaches, irritability, fever, difficulty swallowing food or liquid, swelling and itching of the lips.The lymph node in the neck may swell. The symptoms of cold sores can last from seven to ten days.

Causes of cold sores

Some events such as being pregnant, wounds on the lips or gums, dental treatments, stress and hormonal changes can cause cold sores .

Natural remedies for cold sores

Treating cold sores with ice

Ice is an effective natural remedy for cold sores. Put ice on the skin affected by the virus for a few minutes and repeat every hour.

Treat yourself with the

Apply a cold sore tea bag for a few minutes and repeat every hour. You can even squeeze a warm tea bag on the affected part for 30 minutes.

Other natural remedies

Apply witch hazel on the infected herpes ease the pain. 
Putting gel or aloe vera oil. 
Anyone who has a weak immune system will have a slower recovery process.


Avoid acidic foods and salty. The consumption of foods such as chocolate, seeds, oatmeal and whole wheat bread should be limited. 
Adopt a diet full of vitamins A, C, E and iron, which includes garlic. Eat fresh food with a high content of antioxidants and carbohydrates complete.

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