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The tears start from the diaphragm, a muscle located in the chest. The functions are those of the diaphragm to push air in and out of the lungs while inhaling and exhaling. The sobs are unleashed when this muscle is irritated. Generally sobs last few minutes, but in more severe cases can last several days.

Remedies for hiccups

Some of the remedies for hiccups is to hold the breath for a few seconds, gargle with water, place a cloth with ice on the diaphragm for a few minutes, drinking ice water quickly, close your eyes and put pressure on the balls of the same, drink quickly a glass of fizzy drink and ingest sugar. Another remedy to cure hiccups is to swallow a tablespoon of lemon juice with lots of sugar, and swallow quickly.


Some of the causes of hiccups are: swelling of the neck, laryngitis, heartburn, irritation of the ear, after-effects of general anesthesia, cancer, infections, diabetes, excessive consumption of alcohol and spicy foods, smoke and consume food quickly.


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