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Getting that sexy looking tanned skin is the dream of every girl and to make it happen, the self tan products are available in the markets which make sure that you fulfil your dream easily. Self tan is a big agenda in the winters oriented countries where the sun is seen only a few times and rest of the time the cold winters hit the country at its bay. In such places, it becomes difficult for the person to get a tanned skin. Here comes the role of the self tan products which makes sure that the type of skin you get after using them mimics the most as the naturally tanned one. See how easy it becomes!

Also, when it comes to buying of the self tan product, it becomes difficult to choose from the wide range of products available in the market. So this article will help you in taking the right decision and buying the right product. First of all, whenever you tend to buy a self tan product make sure that the brand of the product is well known for its quality. Certain companies compromise on the quality and thus it becomes very harmful to use such products on your skin. After all protection of the skin comes the first.

Moving ahead and talking about the other things which are to be considered while buying a self tan product, make sure that the ingredients which are used in the making of the product are good. Various chemicals are used like DHA or the erythrusol which helps in changing the skin colour from normal to the tanned one. The difference lies in their reaction time and the ultimate look of the skin colour which is orange in case of the DHA chemical and reddish in case of the erythrusol. So whatever you want, decide the product accordingly.

The time taken by the product to react with the top most layer of the skin depends on the quick reaction of the chemical with the amino acids of the skin. The DHA reacts with the skin and changes the colour in few days to one week but the erythrusol would take little longer. So if you want the tanned skin for the coming weekend then choose the stronger chemical and if you have time then opt for the lighter one. The decision is all yours.

After the basic difference of the chemicals, the nest priorities arise like the fragrance option, the lotion or the cream based tanning agents, the sprays and etc. these all are the individual based preferences and differ from person to person. Various good companies offer you the wide range of Self Tan products which are available in all the fragrances and are made available as creams, lotions, sprays. Whatever is the need of your body and whichever base suits you, you should opt accordingly. Last but not the least, the pocket remains the issue. So look into your own pocket and see which product fits into your budget. Spend wisely!

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