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The muscle tension is one of the signs of stress that affects so many people today.

When muscles are stressed and overloaded contractures occur then cause pain and other symptoms.


Symptoms of muscular tension are:

-Pain in the head, neck, back, shoulders and other parts of the body

-Tiredness and fatigue

– Insomnia


Recommendations to relieve muscle tension:

-Ice helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation caused by stress. So put some ice for 10 minutes helps relax the stressed area.

-Massage sessions descontracturar help and relieve muscle tension. A two or twice a month is recommended in the body massages.

-A daily bath of warm water with salt or with relaxing essential oils will be very useful to reduce muscle tension.

-Perform regular exercise is also very effective for the body to relieve tension. Walking, swimming, yoga are some of the most recommended disciplines.

-The reflexology and acupuncture are very old and useful techniques to reduce muscle tension.

-It is important to take care of body postures and not spend too long in one position as it promotes muscle tension.

-Find ways to relax to prevent muscle strain.


It is common in people suffering from symptoms caused by muscle tension so you should look to have a healthy lifestyle and relaxed, to stay healthy

When in doubt about how to reduce muscle tension should consult your doctor.

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